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For all mattress warranties we need pictures of the following before we can approve.

1. Full view of uncovered mattress to ensure no stains
2. Full view of Box Springs, platform, or motion base.
3. Full view of frame without mattress or box spring
4. A measurement of indentation. Lay something (ie broom) horizontally across your mattress, so we are able to depict the extent of the dip. Use a ruler or measuring tape vertically to measure the furthest point of the dip up to the horizontal item. Please note: DO NOT measure in a stitching channel on a quilted mattress. This will result in a faulted reading.
5. If #4 is not applicable to your issue, please take as many photos as possible and explain further in the box provided below.
6. Photo of the law tag
Please provide any additional details on your issue here.
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